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    STRATFORD 2017    
View event website Stratford Dragon Boat Festival

Date: Saturday, September 16, 2017
Location: Lake Victoria, Stratford, Ontario

Link to Rules and Regulations

First Round - Qualifying Heats
BreastStrokes races at 9:39 a.m. -- Race 8, Lane 3

Team photo - courtesy Stratford Rotary Club

We should be marshalling on the island about 9:15 a.m.
Therefore please be at team tent site no later than 8:00 a.m. but aim for 7:45 a.m. -** I need to check names and allow for any last-minute roster changes and register the team BEFORE we marshall.

Team roster for practices and races will be composed or a crew of 27 crew members 1 team manager, 20 crew members, 1 steers person, 1 drummer, and 4 spares. All members are eligible to be part of the paddling crew. (Steers people will be supplied if required).

Race Categories
Mixed Division – a MIXED team consists of 20 paddlers with a minimum of 10 female paddlers in the boat
Breast Cancer – A Breast Cancer team consists of 20 Breast Cancer Survivor paddlers and a female drummer. The steersperson may be male and does not have to be a Breast Cancer Survivor
Women Division – A WOMEN's team consists of an all-female team. The drummer must be female.

  • Members of a Breast Cancer Survivor team may compete on one additional team provided that they are listed on the completed roster.
  • The Stratford Rotary Club Dragon Boat Festival Committee reserves the right to check the crew members in the boat with the names recorded on the team roster prior to all races
  • Teams can participate in a race providing they have 16 paddlers, 8 of which must be female.

Drummer(s): Connie J. Steersperson: Shane (Coach)
Shelly W. (Captain) Kathryn R. Gladia B.
Tanja D. Lorraine D'A Fran H.
Kathy D. Fran D. Linda M.
Mary VK (Team Manager) Claire C. Sandy H.
Lida S. Denise P. Jean H.
Donna B. Mary R. Becky S.

Race Course
Length - 500 metres or 1640.4 feet
Number of lanes - 4
Lane width - 10 metres or 33 feet
Number of boats - 8

First round of racing all teams race for time. Results are sorted based on time. The fastest 8 teams proceed to division A semi finals, the next 8 to division B semi finals etc.
The fastest two teams in each Division race in different semi-finals to ensure that each team has the same opportunity to reach the Division final.
In each Division, the winners of each semi-final race proceed to the division final. The remaining times are sorted and the fastest two times proceed to the division final. The remaining 4 teams proceed to the division consolation final.
The final and consolation final race results are awarded based on the finish order by which the teams cross the final line; i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th

Race Results 500 metres - click here

BreastStrokes Qualifyng Race: Time: 2:52.61
BreastStrokes Semi-Finals: Time: 2:52.22

BreastStrokes Finals:

Time: 2:52.99

General Requirements to paddle with the team this season

PAR-Q Form
Please download and complete this PAR-Q and submit to
Team Manager Mary Visser Kerr
or to Captain Shelly Watson (or their designates)

Anyone who wishes to paddle MUST complete and submit this form FIRST.

BreastStrokes Waiver 2017
Please download and complete this Waiver and submit to
Team Manager Mary Visser Kerr
or to Captain Shelly Watson (or their designates)

Anyone who wishes to paddle MUST complete and submit this form FIRST.


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